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As you all know Sri Lanka is going through the worst economic crises. At this point kids are facing so much of issues with their education. Most of the government schools in Sri Lanka are closed and it's an impossible task for our students in Nochchimodai to study from home due to lack of Technology facilities such as laptops or internet. Our former resident of Nochchimoddai,  Aryan Nava has visited his native village to open Vivkenanda preschool that he have founded and villagers have requested him to set up a place where kids can have tuition classes and a computer learning center since going  to town for private studying became an impossible task due to crises in Sri Lanka. Education fees have also became very high, there are aid many safely reasons and there are no transportation system.

Based on many request from the parents, Aryan Nava have noticed this building which was not functioning for the last 10 years and he came up with the plan to open up an institute for students in the village since it is located in the middle of the village where any students can access easily. So Aryan have took the initial step and spent thousands of dollars from his personal money to clean up the land, renovated the building, furnished and got electricity to
make this building as the center for education of the students in Nochchimoddai.


Finally, Pumi Tech (pvt) ltd, the mother company of IOTEN marked another significant milestone to it’s journey with the establishment of one of our charity projects, Institute of Technical Education- Nochchimoddai . With over 30 students, the opening ceremony of the institute was held today (18th July 2022).  This occasion was honored by the presence of Team pumi tech, parents and villagers who have helped us in many way to build this institute. 

And specifically we would also like to thank our donators for coming towards and helping us with your donations to make this project a success. 



Mission & Vision

We believe that no child should grow up without proper education. Providing education to the needy is one of the greatest services. Institute Of Technical Education -
Nochchimoddai, is an institute that provides such
services for the village of Nochchimoddai Sri Lanka.

Extended Learning in Web Design / Development

Web design and development is an umbrella term that describes the process of creating a website. Like the name suggests, it involves two major skill sets: web design and web development. Web design determines the look and feel of a website, while web development determines how it functions. At IOTEN we are planning to give our students an extended learning process in web design and development.

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