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We believe We believe that no child should grow up without proper education and we won’t let the current crises in Sri Lanka to decide our future in education ” That was the reason Pumi Tech Pvt Ltd  and the founder Aryan Nava has decided to open IOTEN in the village of Nochchimoddai to provide education for five villages in the division. Soon more than 50 students who are studying in O\L, A\L classes and preparing for grade 5 scholarship will be able to learn from the best teachers for free.

We are also planning to allocate few computers to provide following training which will benefit their future,

1. Introduction to computers

2. Introduction to Windows
3. Introduction to Linux
4. Introduction to Graphic Design
5. Introduction to HTML
6. Introduction to Web Design / Development
7. Introduction to Finance/Accounting
8. Introduction to Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Currently we are looking for anyone who can donate us new or used laptops and tablets to help these children to go for their education and make their future dreams come true. please inbox me if you would like
to be a part of this great initiative.

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