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Children’s Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Nochchimoddai

Children’s Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Nochchimoddai. It is celebrated with enthusiasm and eagerness in IOTEN and Vivekananda pre school by teachers and students. In this, a lot of programs and activities are attended by the children. The school building is decorated with different colors, balloons and other decorative items. Children’s Day is celebrated on 1st of October on the birthday by children very much. All our children participate in activities like dance, songs, poetry recitation in Hindi or English, and speech.

As we all know, children are bright future. They should promote and behave well with lots of love and affection. Children’s mind is very clean and weak and every little thing or thing in front of them affects their mind. Their today is very important for the future of the country. Therefore, special attention should be paid to their activities, knowledge and rites given to them. Along with this, taking care of mental and physical health of children is also very important.

The children get right education and nutrition it is very important for the benefit of our country, because today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Whatever it is that is dedicated to work, then the country will be able to move forward.

In our country, children are forced to do hard labor on very low income. They do not get modern education, so they remain backward. We need to take them forward, which is possible when all Indians understand their responsibilities. Children are the future of the country and are very precious, this is the expectation of our tomorrow. Children’s Day celebration is a good step towards their future.

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