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Digital education vs Traditional education

Traditional education is a classroom experience where students have access to only the resources their teachers provide. Digital education, on the other hand, is about using online resources in addition to traditional materials. This is the way how we use both of these for our students who study at Institute of Technical Education – Nochchimoddai.

Digital Education

Digital learning is learning facilitated by technology that offers students some factors of command over the place, time, pace, and path. Digital learning is replacing traditional educational procedures more and more each day.

Analysing the use of digital technologies offers teachers the chance to design engaging learning opportunities in the courses they teach, and these can take the shape of combined or completely online courses and programs. Digital learning is more than just providing students with a laptop. Digital learning needs a blend of technology, instruction, and digital content.

The incorporation of digital learning in the classroom can range from simply using tablets instead of paper to using complex software programs and equipment rather than the simple pen.

In Nochchimoddai people live in hard life. Their children don’t have laptops and smart phones like other children. But at Institute of Technical Education – Nochchimoddai we gave them that experience. Our English class we do that with via online. We want them to be educated. So, we support them as much as we can. If we talk about the ICT classes, in that class our lessons are in the laptop. In that case they know how to handles things on laptop.

Traditional Education

Before online learning got into the game, on-campus learning was the only efficient learning format. The multiple benefits students typically gain from traditional campus learning aren’t limited to study alone. While on campus, students get to hone their social skills while interacting with both their teachers and colleagues. It creates a routine that the students have to follow, and in turn, this will bring punctuality and discipline.

As online learning has become more popular in the internet era, traditional classroom learning continues to be a tough competitor. Despite its advantages, online learning cannot replace traditional education. Its many perks will make sure of it.

1. Social Exposure: Getting exposed to a group of students from different places across the world will always be fun and relaxing. It will not only increase the sharing of knowledge but also encourage the students to learn more.

2. Extra-Curricular Activities: Learning in a group of people of the same age can be academic or involve other group activities that promote proper learning. Students can not only participate in different activities, but classroom learning will stretch their learning abilities to the fullest.

3. Proper Guidance: The presence of a subject teacher is also beneficial, as any doubts that arise mid-lecture can be resolved then and there. It will also promote more student-teacher interactions, which will enhance the learning capabilities of students.

In Institute of Technical Education – Nochchimoddai we are using these two methods. In traditional class we know that are students give their attention to the lesson or not. So, in that case we are using this method as well. The most important thing is not the way you learn how you give your attention to study.

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