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Why English language skills important for your future?

Do you know that English is the official language in more than a quarter of the countries in the world? It’s the most widely used language in the world. English language communication has become a necessity for everyone in today’s world.

At Institute of Technical Education - Nochchimoddai, we always teach our students that how communication skills are becoming more important in our professional lives also. From obtaining a good career to advancing our career growth, excellent communication skills have become a necessity. Our competence and potential are undoubtedly measured by excellence in our language skills. That is why at IOTEN, we always focus on improving the English skills of our students.

Learning a language isn’t easy, but you can start it at home. Reading books, and newspapers and talking to friends in English are the simplest ways to improve language skills. Today, there are several English language clubs and libraries that function actively in our society. As English is the language of international communication, the media and the internet, learning English is important from our personal to professional lives! And now you can complete your higher secondary education with Institute of Technical Education in Nochchimoddai, Vavuniya.

Why is the English Language important?

There are several reasons why you should learn the English language. Let’s check out the major benefits of English Language proficiency.

  • Gain more opportunities to study in the best schools in the world

  • Boost your career prospects with English

  • English is the language of the media industry

  • English gives you access to the technology

  • English is the language of Business

  • Connect with people and places

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